2017 Water Main Flushing Notification

Scotts Valley Water District will flush water mains February 28, 2017 and March 10, 2017. Please locate your home or business on the schedule below and minimize water use between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on your flushing day. To receive an email reminder, send your address to engineering@svwd.org or visit www.svwd.org.
Flushing removes sediment from pipelines to maintain water quality. Yellow to brown discoloration may occur from dislodged sediment. Cloudy to milky discoloration may occur from entrained air. Flushing may cause varying water pressure. The water is safe to drink and complies with State Water Resources Control Board standards.
If your water is discolored, flush from a cold water fixture as far away from your water meter as possible and let the water run until clear. This could take 5-10 minutes. Do not use a hot water tap to flush, as this draws sediment into your hot water heater. Abstain from doing laundry on the day of flushing and make sure your water is clear before running your washing machine.
Taking appropriate precautions is  your  responsibility.  We appreciate your patience. If you have questions, call (831) 438-2363 or email engineering@svwd.org.
Tuesday, February 28: Green Hills Rd, Elzer Dr, Falcon Ridge Rd, Sunridge Dr, Oak Creek Blvd and cross streets, Glen Canyon Rd, Flora Lane, Mount Hermon Rd, La Madrona, Torrey Oaks Ct, La Cuesta Dr, Silverwood Dr, Saddleback Ridge, Kings Canyon Ct, Lassen Park Ct.
Wednesday, March 1:  El Pueblo Rd, Carbonero Wy, Disc Dr, Civic Center Dr, Erba Lane, Christel Oaks, Oak Ln, Terrace View, Scotts Valley Drive, Viki Court, Jolly Way, Blake Lake, Escuela Ln, Bean Creek Road.
Thursday, March 2: Scottsborough Townhomes, Lundy Lane, Silverbirch Lane, Whispering Pines, Bean Creek Rd, Kings Village Rd, Blue Bonnet Ln, Montevalle, Lucinda Lane, Lockhart Gulch, Green Valley Rd.
Friday, March 3: Mount Hermon Rd, Kings Village Shopping Center, Scotts Valley Plaza Shopping Center, Lockwood Ln, Skypark Subdivision, Lockhart Gulch at Mt Hermon Rd.
Tuesday, March 7: Cathy Lane, MacLeod, Dunslee, Johnston Way, Grace Way, Willis Rd, San Augustine, York Rd, Old El Pueblo Rd, Janis Way, Victor Sq, Butler Ln, Scotts Valley Dr, Cadillac Dr, Hacienda Dr, Ridgecrest Dr.
Wednesday, March 8: South Navarra, Meadow Wy, Club Ln, Cross St, Blue Hills Ct, Sherman Dr, Sherman Ct, Granite Creek Rd, El Camino Wy, Sunset Terrace, Enterprise Wy, Deerfield Dr, Glenwood Dr, Ponderosa Homes, Sandraya Heights, Casa Wy, Vine Hill School Rd, Zinfandel Cir, Cabernet Ct,Bordeaux Ln, Reisling Ct, Elberberry Ct, Scotts Valley Dr, Bethay Dr.
Thursday, March 9: Bethany Dr, Tabor Dr, Bethany Circle, Canham Rd, Sand Hill Rd, Summerhill Rd, Northridge Dr, Shake Tree Ln, Woodlander Place, Glenwood Acres,Granite Creek, Bel Air, Southwood Dr, Lauren Cir, Hilltop, North Navarra Dr, Blossom Way, Lauren Cir, Taryn Ct, Sawyer Cir, Crescent Dr, Camino Vista Rd, Vine Hill Rd, Charles Hill Rd, Timber Ridge.
Friday, March 10: Areas missed due to emergencies.