Greywater Irrigation

Save thousands of gallons of water each year and help make your property more sustainable. The District offers rebates of $150 per fixture converted and offers classes and information on installation, materials, and codes.

Usually washing machines are converted first, as they are the least expensive and most flexible to install and do not require a permit. Showers, tubs and bathroom sinks require a "Branched Drain System" and must be permitted. Please call the District prior to starting any greywater conversion project. Learn more about Greywater here.

Rebate Eligibility

  • Requires pre and post inspection. We reserve the right to deny applications where post inspections are made more than 90 days after pre inspection. REQUEST AN INSPECTION
  • Installations must follow Chapter 17 of the 2013 CA UPC.
  • No labor or materials rebated, rebates are per fixture converted.
  • Rebate checks are issued to the account holder- whether it belongs to the property owner, tenant or manager.

          Rebate Application