Recycled Water Fill Station

All City of Scotts Valley residents and all Scotts Valley Water District customers can pick up free recycled water for landscape irrigation.  

Recycled water is waste water that has been purified through multiple treatment processes to a level that meets California Department of Public Health standards. City residents can reduce drought impacts by using recycled water to water lawns, gardens, vegetables and trees. Recycled water can also be used to wash cars, outdoor furniture and hard surfaces (paths, walls, windows).

The fill station is located directly across from the Scotts Valley Senior Center (370 Kings Village Road).
City residents can pick up to 250 gallons of recycled water per day.

Hours of Operation: May 22, 2017 to October 28, 2017
Monday & Wednesday: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 12:30pm.

How to Get Started
During your visit to pick up recycled water, you will need to complete and sign an application form and receive a brief one-time training on the proper use of recycled water. Once completed you will be receive an ID card and stickers for the containers that will transport and store the recycled water.  Save some time and fill out the application online and print out a completed copy to bring with you on your first fill-up during the hours noted below. The attendant will provide required training and issue your ID card.
Recycled Water Fill Station Application
Recycled Water Training

Recycled Water Containers
 - must provide your own containers
 - must have water tight lids
 - must not leak
 - must be secured for safe transport
 - can only be used for recycled water unless thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
 - must have Scotts Valley Water District recycled water sticker

Water is Heavy
One gallon of recycled water weighs over 8.345 pounds; 100 gallons weighs 834 pounds.  Know your vehicle's load capacity.  An overloaded vehicle is unsafe, it may damage your vehicle or cause a traffic accident.  Remember when driving a loaded vehicle  be sure to allow enough stopping distance.  It is the sole responsibility of the user to comply with manufacturer maximum load ratings.

While at the Fill Station
 - please follow the signs and if there is a line turn your engine off and do not block streets or driveways. 
 - present your Recycled Water Card to the attendant
 - complete the log sheet including name, date, use area and number of gallons (maximum 250 gallons)
 - use the shut-off valve on the hose to ensure that recycled water does not spill from the hose before or after filling
 - in case of an emergency, see the attendant

Recycled Water Quality Data
Recycled water is strictly monitored to ensure it meets water quality standards set by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Click here to view Recycled Water Quality Data.

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