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Scotts Valley Water District    
2 Civic Center Dr. Scotts Valley, CA 95066 
(831) 438-2363 
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:: Conservation Corner

Thank you Scotts Valley for conserving water this past irrigation season! Your efforts have helped preserve our water supply in the event of yet another dry winter.

Watering needs are reduced with shorter days, so please turn irrigation down or completely off.

If you have toilets in your home or business that were installed prior to 1994, please read our ad below to see if you qualify for a FREE ultra-high efficiency toilet and installation!

Here are directions to determine the flow of your toilets to see if you qualify for the program above:

As a reminder, our Water Wise Ordinance is in effect all year round, and includes:

1. No spray irrigation between the hours of 10am and 5pm.

2. No spraying down hardscapes, including  
driveways, sidewalks, walkways, etc., unless for safety reasons.

3. No irrigation leaks, run-off or overspray. 

Remember, turning water off on malfunctioning irrigation does not constitute compliance. Please maintain your irrigation to detect and prevent leaks. Thank you!


Need Landscaping Ideas?

See: and start making your waterwise plant wish list and get ideas about attractive, local, water-wisse landscapes. 



:: 2013 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

2013 Scotts Valley Water District Water Quality Report

 Our Mailing Address Has Changed

Our mailing address has changed!  We are no longer accepting mail at our PO Box so please mail all future correspondence to our physical address at 2 Civic Center Drive Scotts Valley, CA 95066


:: Important Notice - Effective July 1, 2014!

Message from General Manager

2014 - 2015 Payment Calendar

:: Start/Stop Water Service!

Simply download the appropriate form below and send it to our office!

Start Service - Owner


Start Service - Non-Owner

Stop Service 


::  Residential Water Wise Usage Chart! 

 Average Residential Use


::  Online Bill Payment! 

Click the link bar below to view your water bill and use a credit card to pay your water bill online. 

You may also sign up for automatic recurring payments through your online account
Click here

 for instructions on getting started.

Please contact us if you would like more information!




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:: Learn three ways to stabilize or reduce your water bill

1. Check for Leaks:
- By finding and checking the movement of the dial on your water meter. If there is no water running and your meter is- you have a leak.
- You can use our free home dye strips to test your toilets to see if they are leaking from the flapper (this can be a silent leak).
- If you don't want to do these yourself, call us for a Water Wise House Call- free for all of our customers. House Calls take about an hour and include free water saving devices. Call 438-2363 to schedule.

2. Use our

Water Use Forecaster
to see specifically how much water you are using with each fixture and appliance. You can also use it to anticipate your next bill or create a water budget. Your bill now has a bar graph that shows you how much water you've used in the last two years. You can log onto your account and look at your historical water use as far back as 1997.

3. Take Advantage of our Water-saving Rebates
for washers, toilets and now- six landscaping rebates- lawn and impervious pavement removal, and installation of drip irrigation, smart irrigation controllers, graywater or rainwater harvesting!



EPA WaterSense Products:

Look for the EPA WaterSense label on 1.28 gallon per flush (GPF) toilets (or lower) and other water-saving products.

Water Sense Logo                                      
                                Water Smart Gardening in Santa Cruz County image


We are a nonprofit, local government agency that provides water resource management to deliver a safe and reliable supply of high quality water to meet present and future needs in an environmentally sensitive and economically responsible way.